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ASU's School of Letters and SciencesThis site was created by Dr. Kevin Ellsworth with an initial 1344 baccalaureate degrees cataloged by Dr. Denise Bates; both are Interdisciplinary Studies faculty in the School of Letters and Sciences at Arizona State University.  This site is maintained by Dr. Ellsworth.  You can reach him at help@interdisciplinarystudies.org.

Many of the initial 1344 interdisciplinary studies degrees were discovered by students in Dr. Bates' BIS 301 classes who were researching interdisciplinary studies programs.  Contributors include:  Amanda Arboleda, Angela Arbolida, Justine Ascanio, Jacob Aupperle, Bradley Barrett, Rodrigo Bazua, Lewis Borsellino, Claire Bowers, Diona Braccio, Ryan Bragg, Justin Brechler, James Brehmer, Jason Brown, Renee Brown, Sara Bruskin, Nathan Caldwell, Austin Carthell, Michael Cervasio, Christie Collamer, Déjà Correia, Justine Craft, Rachel Davis, Daniel DiCosmo, Mathew Drate, Krystal Duke, Brooke Fields, Cayla Fitzgerald, Jeff Forrest, Matthew Friedman, Ararat Gebreyesus, Regina Haefer, Mistie Hague, Andrew Halpain, Alan Handy, Tiesha Harrison, Amy Havard, Jeff Herman, Mai Hoang, Philip Janco, Garrett Justice, Samer Kaji, Seonhan Kim, Christopher Klescewski, Haris Kuric, Shawn Lauvao, Erik Lowell, Ronald Maksymowski, Matthew Manning, Rhashanna McCombs, Wendell Morse, Casey O’Brien, Tia Orlando, Kristina Overman, Andrew Owens, Jennifer Peña, Katherine Powers, Jennifer Raj, Cassandra Ricco, Christopher Scull, Stephen Selby, Chad Smith, Matthew Smith, Christine Solis, Bryce Sorem, Matthew Turner, Aaron Viscichini, Chanel Walsh, Sarah Weber, Todd Weber, Ceason Webster, and Adam Wyckoff.  We have the best students!

Dr. Bates guided our wonderful office staff through the laborous process of cleaning up and compiling the directory. We love our staff. Thanks Erica, Riley, Kevin and Shelly!

There is so much more work to be done, and users of this site will become the greatest contributors.  Thanks to all who are using and contributing to this site!