The Association for Interdisciplinary Studies offers many ways you can be involved in its activities and programs and support its mission.


Be an active member

  • Join AIS, renew your membership annually, and encourage your colleagues to join, too.
  • Ask your Department Chair or Program Director to join as an institutional member to receive the benefits at that level.
  • Be an AIS ambassador: Post a link to the AIS Website on your personal webpage, espouse the benefits of AIS membership, and hand out AIS brochures at conferences for other organizations and any meetings you attend. (Click here for a printable brochure)

Already a member but want to be more involved?

  • Attend an annual conference. Conferences are the best way to learn about AIS, share information with colleagues, and to network with scholars and administrators from across the country and around the world.
  • Answer a Call for Proposals for the annual conference. The CFP is usually published in the December edition of Integrative Pathways and online.
  • Join an AIS Section related to your field of interest.  Contact the AIS Office for more information.
  • Donate funds to help send a student presenter to the annual conference or to support AIS programs and resources.
  • Consider hosting an AIS conference at your institution.
  • Join an AIS task force. Recent examples include a task force to consider the honor society for interdisciplinary studies undergraduates.  Contact the AIS Office with your interest and ideas.
  • Consider proposing yourself as a candidate for an At-Large or Director’s position on the AIS Board of Directors. Members are notified in Integrative Pathways and via e-mail when candidates may be proposed.  Contact the AIS President

Looking for publishing opportunities?

Other possibilities

  • Join the INTERDIS listserv to share information, seek advice, and network with other interdisciplinarians.
  • Volunteer as a peer reviewer.  Send interest to the AIS President
  • If your department or program has a job opening, submit it to Jobs in Interdisciplinary Studies. There is no charge for the postings.
  • Purchase back copies of AIS publications.

If you have other suggestions, please contact the AIS Office.