Membership Sections

Member Sections

For the better part of half a century, the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies has worked to enable the scholarly and professional work of its members.  In 2015, the Board of Directors of the AIS decided to enhance the activities of its members through the formation of Sections.

Role within the Association: Sections offer members, and prospective members, of AIS additional opportunities to engage the various processes of interdisciplinary interaction in particular substantive areas.  Although Section members enjoy opportunities to work with other members within each Section, those members are encouraged to engage the members of other Sections in collaborative efforts.


Aging and Health

We are a group made up of academics, health practitioners and activists who are interested in the complex, multifaceted and interdisciplinary issues of health care and the human aging process.

Leaders: Angus McMurtry and Jenny Sasser

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A group of scholars, artists and others interested in the sharing of information, events, publications and other material related to interdisciplinarity in the world through the arts and humanities.

Leaders: Heidi Upton, Allison Upshaw, Steven Mcalpine

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A forum for all faculty to share best practices, tips, and support for teaching interdisciplinarity online–traditional courses such as Intro and Research Methods as well as special topic courses and more.

Leaders: Khadijah O. Miller, Marcus Tanner

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Assessment of ID Learning

A forum for discussion of the best practices for accessing interdisciplinary course-based and programmatic learning outcomes.  Sample topics include instituting an interdisciplinary assessment program, validating learning in interdisciplinary programs, and assessment of post-graduation outcomes.

Leaders: Benjamin Brooks, Renée Nicholson, and Evan Widders

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First Year Experience

We provide a community space where those involved in first year experience programming for college students (including but not limited to curriculum building and delivery including experiential and service learning, extracurricular matters and the application of high impact strategies) can share best practices, information, challenges, resources, triumphs and ideas that are linked (or not) to the interdisciplinarity of the college experience. 

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ID Study of Religions

We seek to bear comprehensive, integrated insights from multiple disciplines to the study of religions and religious experiences as complex human phenomena. Insights may be brought from humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, along with other areas such as arts and professions.     

Leaders: Michael Pryzdia & John F. DeCarlo    

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