Supporting Members 2023
Athabasca University – MAIS Program
Athens State University
Brigham Young University – Honors Program
Champlain College – Core Division
Coastal Carolina University – HTC Honors College and
Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Colorado State University
Creighton University – Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
Eastern Oregon University
Emory Institute for the Liberal Arts
Faulkner University
Florida A&M University – Interdisciplinary Studies
Florida State University – Interdisciplinary Social Science Program
Maastricht University – Global Studies
Michigan State University – Center for Integrative Studies
North Greenville University
Oakland University – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Plymouth State University – Interdisciplinary Studies
Quinnipiac University
Sacred Heart University – College of Arts and Sciences
Seattle University – Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
Sonoma State University – Academic Affairs
Southern Utah University – College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Texas Tech University – University Studies
The University of Southern Mississippi – Interdisciplinary Studies
The University of Texas at Arlington
Universidad del Desarrollo
University of Amsterdam – Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies
University of Central Florida – Interdisciplinary Studies
University of Hartford – Harrison Libraries
University of New Mexico – University College
University of North Carolina Wilmington
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
University of West Georgia – Interdisciplinary Studies
Virginia Commonwealth University – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Western Kentucky University – Leadership and Professional Studies