Volume 17 (1999)

Table of Contents, No. 17, 1999

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Issues in Integrative Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
An Annual Publication of the Association for Integrative Studies
Stanley Bailis, Editor; Jay Wentworth, Associate Editor

Guy V. Beckwith

The Lure of Novelty and the Disappearance of the Public Intellectual

John N. Warfield and Rosamond Warfield

A Role for Formalisms in Integrative Studies

Richard M. Carp

Intermediation: Arts’ Contribution to General Integrative Theory

Marcia Bundy Seabury

Venturing Into Interdisciplinary Tasks: Common Challenges for Faculty and Students

Rudolf Kötter
and Philipp W. Balsiger

Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity: A Constant Challenge to the Sciences

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