Table of Contents, No. 19, 2001

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Issues in Integrative Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
An Annual Publication of the Association for Integrative Studies
Jay Wentworth, Editor, and David Sebberson, Associate Editor

Editor’s Comments

William H. Newell

A Theory of Interdisciplinary Studies

 Responses to Newell
Stanley Bailis

Contending with Complexity: A Response to William H. Newell’s “A Theory of Interdisciplinary Studies”

Julie Thompson Klein

Interdisciplinarity and the Prospect of Complexity: The Tests of Theory

J. Linn Mackey

Another Approach to Interdisciplinary Studies

Richard Carp

Integrative Praxes: Learning from Multiple Knowledge Formations

Jack Meek

The Practice of Interdisciplinarity: Complex Conditions and the Potential of Interdisciplinary Theory

William H. Newell

Reply to the Respondents to “A Theory of Interdisciplinary Studies”

Steve Payne

Applying More Integrative Potentials for IDS Program Planning and Development

Rick Szostak

Putting Social Structure in Its Place Schematically

 Conference Keynote, October 6, 2000
Dr. Linda E. Olds

The Columbia Basin as a Metaphor for an Interdisciplinary Approach