Table of Contents, No. 2, 1983

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Issues in Integrative Studies
An Occasional Publication of the Association for Integrative Studies

Raymond C. Miller, Editor

William H. Newell

The Case for Interdisciplinary Studies: Response to Professor Benson’s Five Arguments, 1-19

Jerry L. Petr

The Case For/Against Interdisciplinary Studies: A Commentary on the Debate, 20-24

Raymond C. Miller

What Do You Say to a Devil’s Advocate?, 25-30

Thomas L. Benson

The Devil’s Due: Some Reflections on the Responses, 31-34

Julie Thompson Klein

The Dialectic and Rhetoric of Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary, 35-74

Mark E. Blum

Dialogue with Autobiography: Integrating Through the Study of Personality, 75-92

Francis M. Betts, III

A Qualitative Model of the Integrative Learning Process, 93-122