Table of Contents No. 20, 2002

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Issues in Integrative Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
An Annual Publication of the Association for Integrative Studies
Jay Wentworth, Editor, and David Sebberson, Associate Editor

Editors’ Comments


Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas,
Laura Gillman,
Katherine R. Allen

Interdisciplinarity as Self and Subject: Metaphor and Transformation

Svetlana Nikitina

“Navigating the Disciplinary Fault Lines” in Science and in the Classroom: Undergraduate Neuroscience Classroom in Mind, Brain and Behavior at Harvard

Michael R. McDonald and S. Gregory Tolley

Assessment, Outcomes, and Forays in Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development

Gordon F. Vars

Educational Connoisseurship, Criticism, and the Assessment of Integrative Studies

Donald E. Stowe
and Douglas J. Eder

Interdisciplinary Program Assessment

Rick Szostak

How to Do Interdisciplinarity: Integrating the Debate

J. Linn Mackey

Rules Are Not the Way to Do Interdisciplinarity: A Response to Szostak

Rick Szostak

Intuition and Interdisciplinarity: A Reply to Mackey


Julie Thompson Klein
and William H. Newell

Strategies for Using Interdisciplinary Resources Across K-16

 Response to Conference Keynote
Raymond C. Miller

Response to the Keynote Address by Dr. Allen Hammond, “Globalization That Works for Everyone: What Would It Look Like?”
Delivered at the Annual Conference of the Association for Integrative Studies, Roanoke, Virginia, October 6, 2001.