Table of Contents No. 23, 2005

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 Issues in Integrative Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
An Annual Publication of the Association for Integrative Studies

Cover/Inside Cover

Francine Navakas and Joan Fiscella, Co-Editors
Editors’ Introduction

Stuart Henry

Disciplinary Hegemony Meets Interdisciplinary Ascendancy: Can Interdisciplinary/Integrative Studies Survive, and, If So, How?

Tami S. Carmichael,
Steven Finney,
and Mark Magness

An International Learning Community: Cultural Studies and Study Abroad in an Integrated Studies Program

Brian McCormack

Making Interdisciplinarity Work Through Translation and Analogical Thinking

Donald N. Mager

Textual Revision, Stalinist Revisionism, and the Obligations of Memory: Situating Anna Akhmatova’s Poem Without a Hero

 Keynote for Joint AIS/AGLS Conference, October 7, 2005
Randy Bass

Building a Culture of Learning in the 21st Century: Confronting Some Assumptions Preventing Us from Realizing the Promise of the Learning Paradigm

 Institutional Members—2005