Special No. 28, 2010
Interdisciplinarity in Schools:
A Comparative View of National Perspectives

Funded in part by the Canada Research Chair in Educative Intervention
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Issues in Integrative Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
An Annual Publication of the Association for Integrative Studies
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Guest Editors
Yves Lenoir, University of Sherbrooke
Julie Thompson Klein, Wayne State University
Editors’ Introduction


Veronica Boix Mansilla & Yves Lenoir

Interdisciplinarity in U.S. Schools: Past, Present, and Future

Janette Long, Wendy Moran, & Joanne Harris

Following the Yellow Brick Road: Interdisciplinary Practices in the Land of Oz

Kurt Clausen & Susan Drake

Interdisciplinary Practices in Ontario: Past, Present, and Future

Jose Gregorio Rodriguez & Carlos Minana Blasco

Interdisciplinary and Research on Local Issues in Schools: Policies and Experiences from Colombia

Isidoro Segovia, Jose Luis Lupianez, Martta Molina, et al.

The Conception and Role of Interdisciplinarity in the Spanish Education System

Gilles Baillat & Daniel Niclot

In Search of Interdisciplinarity in Schools in France: From Curriculum to Practice

Marie-Helene Bouillier-Oudot

The Choice of Interdisciplinarity in French Agricultural Education

Yves Lenoir & Abelkrim Hasni

Interdisciplinarity in Quebec Schools: 40 Years of Problematic Implementation

Gianni Ghisla, Luca Bausch, & Lorenzo Bonoli

Interdisciplinarity in Swiss Schools: A Difficult Step into the Future
 Institutional Members—2010