Table of Contents No. 32, 2014

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Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies (formerly Issues in Integrative Studies): An Interdisciplinary Journal An Annual Publication of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies


Pauline Gagnon and Gretchen Schulz, Co-editors
Editors’ Introduction


Carolyn HaynesBiting into the Yellow Pepper: The Development of the Interdisciplinary Learner
Marilyn TaylerThe Transformation from Multidisciplinarity to Interdisciplinarity: A Case Study of a Course Involving the Status of Arab Citizens of Israel
Tami Carmichael and Yvette LaPierreInterdisciplinary Learning Works: The Results of a Comprehensive Assessment of Students and Student Learning Outcomes in an Integrative Learning Community
Phillip Ryan, Jill Sornsen Kurtz, Deanne Carter, and Danielle Pester

Interdisciplinarity, Qualitative Research, and the Complex Phenomenon: Toward an Integrative Approach to Intercultural Research

Marcia Bayne-Smith, Terry Mizrahi, Yossi Korazim-Korosy, and Martha GarciaProfessional Identity and Participation in Interprofessional Community Collaboration
Richard L. Wallace and Susan G. ClarkConvergent Evolution in the Interest of Integrative Problem Solving: Connecting the Policy Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies
P. Sven ArvidsonInterdisciplinary Common Ground: Techniques and Attentional Processes
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