Volume 33 (2015)

Table of Contents No. 33, 2015

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Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies (formerly Issues in Integrative Studies): An Interdisciplinary Journal An Annual Publication of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies


Simeon Dreyfuss and Gretchen Schulz, Co-editors
Editors’ Introduction

Zachary PisoIntegration, Language, and Practice: Wittgenstein and Interdisciplinary Communication, 14-38
Yves Lenoir, Abdelkrim Hasni, and Alessandra FroelichCurricular and Didactic Conceptions of Interdisciplinarity in the Field of Education. A Socio-Historical Perspective, 39-93
Rick SzostakExtensional Definition of Interdisciplinarity, 94-116
P. Sven Arvidson

The Virtue of Reverence in Interdisciplinary Studies, 117-143

Abdelkrim Hasni, Yves Lenoir, and Alessandra FroelichMandated Interdisciplinarity in Secondary School: The Case of Science,Technology, and Mathematics Teachers in Quebec, 144-180
Phillip Ryan, Tyler Glodjo, Bethany Hobbs, Victoria Stargel, and Thad WilliamsNavigating Complexities: An Integrative Approach to English Language Teacher Education, 181-209
Sierk A. HornThe Front End of Interdisciplinarity: An Acculturation Framework for Explaining Varieties of Engagement, 210-240

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