Volume 34 (2016)

Table of Contents No. 34, 2016

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Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies (formerly Issues in Integrative Studies): An Interdisciplinary Journal

An Annual Publication of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies


Simeon Dreyfuss and Gretchen Schulz, Co-editors

Editors’ Introduction



William Condee

The Interdisciplinary Turn in the Arts and Humanities, 12-29

P. Sven Arvidson

Interdisciplinary Research and Phenomenology as Parallel Processes of Consciousness, 30-51

Robert Pecorella

From Michel Foucault to Mario Puzo: Using an Interdisciplinary Approach to Understand Urban Immigration Then and Now, 52-78

Ria van der Lecq

Self-Authorship Characteristics of Learners in the Context of an Interdisciplinary Curriculum. Evidence from Reflections, 79-108

Special Section: Interdisciplinarity In Latin America


Bianca Vienni Baptista

Introduction: Interdisciplinarity in Latin America–Building Dialogue Through Regionalism, 109-121

Marcel Bursztyn, María Beatriz Maury, and Gabriela Litre

Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies in Brazil: Lessons from Sustainability and Environmental Sciences, 122-142

Juan Carlos Villa-Soto and Norma Blazquez Graf

Interdisciplinary Education and Research in Mexico, 143-163

Rodrigo Arocena and Judith Sutz

Development Studies as an Interdisciplinary Field: Research, Teaching, and Institutional Building in Uruguay, 164-182

Cecilia Hidalgo

Interdisciplinarity and Knowledge Networking: Co-production of Climate Authoritative Knowledge in Southern South America, 183-199

Julie Thompson Klein

Conclusion: Expanding International Dialogue on Interdisciplinarity, 200-207

Further Conversation: A Forum For Interdisciplinarians, 208-216


Rick Szostak

What is Lost? (209-213)

Zachary Piso

Language Games of “Language Games” (213-216)


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