Table of Contents No. 35, 2017

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Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies (formerly Issues in Integrative Studies): An Interdisciplinary Journal

An Annual Publication of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies


Gretchen Schulz and P. Sven Arvidson, Co-editors

Editors’ Introduction



Jennifer R. Sasser

Our Research is Living, our Data is Life: Toward a Transdisciplinary Gerontology, 14-28

Wendell Kisner

The Medial Character of Interdisciplinarity: Thinking in the Middle Voice, 29-52

Matthew (TwoTrees) Haar Farris

Disciplines and Interdisciplinarity as Relations-in-differance: A Derridean Account of Disciplinary Knowledge Differences, 53-64

Rick Szostak

Stability, Instability, and Interdisciplinarity, 65-87

James Welch IV

All Too Human: Conflict and Common Ground in Interdisciplinary Research and Complex Problem Solving, 88-112

Special Section: Interdisciplinary Collaboration


Machiel Keestra

Introduction: Multi-Level Perspectives on Interdisciplinary Cognition and Team Collaboration – Challenges and Opportunities, 113-120

Machiel Keestra

Metacognition and Reflection by Interdisciplinary Experts: Insights from Cognitive Science and Philosophy, 121-169

Hans Deileman

Transdisciplinary Hermeneutics: A Symbiosis of Science, Arts, Philosophy, Reflective Practice, and Subjective Experience, 170-199

Whitney G. Lash-Marshall; Christopher T. Nomura; Kimberly Eck; Paul D. Hirsch

Facilitating Collaboration across Disciplinary and Sectoral Boundaries: Application of a Four-Step Strategic Intervention, 200-220

Richard L. Wallace; Susan G. Clark

Barriers to Interdisciplinarity in Environmental Studies: A Case of Alarming Trends in Faculty and Programmatic Wellbeing, 221-247

Tami Carmichael; Jennifer Dellner; Rick Szostak

Report from the Field: Interdisciplinary General Education, 248-258


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