Table of Contents, No. 4, 1986

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Issues in Integrative Studies
An Annual Publication of the Association for Integrative Studies

Raymond C. Miller and Julie Thompson Klein, Co-Editors

Julie Thompson Klein

Preface, ii-iii

Joseph J. Kockelmans

Interdisciplinarity and the University: The Dream and the Reality, 1-16

Wilhelm Vosskamp

From Scientific Specialization to the Dialogue Between the Disciplines, 17-36

Frederick S. Weaver

Inquiry, Interdisciplinary Study, and Minor Programs of Study, 37-55

Thomas H. Murray

Confessions of an Unconscious Interdisciplinarian, 57-69

Beth A. Casey

The Quiet Revolution: The Transformation and Reintegration of the Humanities, 71-92

Un-chol Shin

The Structure of Interdisciplinary Knowledge: A Polanyian View, 93-104