Volume 5 (1987)

Table of Contents, No. 5, 1987

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Issues in Integrative Studies
An Annual Publication of the Association for Integrative Studies

Julie Thompson Klein, Manuscripts Editor; Stanley Bailis, Jury Editor; Raymond C. Miller, Production Editor

Permission for publishing the Frost poem, “A Dust of Snow,” granted by the Henry Holt Publishing Company.

James Boyd White

Intellectual Integration, 1-18

Carol Nicholson

Postmodernism and the Present State of Integrative Studies: A Reply to Benson and his Critics, 19-34

William Newell

Response to Nicholson: The Case for Agreement about Interdisciplinarity, 35-39

Arnold Binder

Criminology: Discipline or Interdiscipline, 41-67

Reading the Bible: An Interdisciplinary Experience
Christopher Becker

An Introductory Comment: Integration, Cultural and Academic, 69-75

Mary C. Savage

Controversy and Canon in the Undergraduate Humanities Curriculum: The Example of Biblical Studies, 77-90

Stephen Gottlieb

Reading the Bible, Writing the Self: George Herbert’s The Temple, 91-103

Christopher Becker

Origen: Reading as Discipline and as Sacrament, 105-128