Table of Contents, No. 6, 1988

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Issues in Integrative Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
An Annual Publication of the Association for Integrative Studies

Stanley Bailis, Editor; Julie Thompson Klein and Raymond Miller, Associate Editors

Theodore Hershberg

The Fragmentation of Knowledge and Practice: University, Private Sector and Public Sector Perspectives, 1-20
(Delivered at Annual Conference, Pennsylvania State University, 1987

Charles C. Fischer

On the Need for Integrating Sex Discrimination Theory on the Basis of Causal Variables, 21-50

Trace Jordan

Organisms and the Mysterious X: Interdisciplinary Innovation in Experimental Biology, 51-81

Robert Keesey

Transformations in Disciplinary Knowledge and Their Implications for Reforming the Undergraduate Curriculum, 82-125

David Myers

An Argument for the Study of Play, 126-138

Roberta Frank

`Interdisciplinary’: The First Half Century, 139-151

Forrest Armstrong

Reflections on the Nature of Interdisciplinarity: A Reply to Benson, his Critics and Nicholson, 152-166

Thomas Benson

Post-Modernism and the Theory of Interdisciplinary Studies: A Reply to Nicholson, 167-174