Volume 8 (1990)

Table of Contents, No. 8, 1990
Special Number: Interdisciplinary Resources

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Issues in Integrative Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
Special Number: Interdisciplinary Resources
Edited by William G. Doty, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Julie Thompson Klein, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

Publication of Special Number supported by the Association of American Colleges, FIPSE, and the Ford Foundation

Stan Bailis

Preface, 1-2

William G. Doty


American Association of Colleges:

Statement on Society for Values in Higher Education Task Force Report on Interdisciplinary Studies, 7, and
SVHE Task Force Report on Interdisciplinary Studies, 9-33

Julie Thompson Klein

Interdisciplinary Resources: A Bibliographical Reflection, 35-67

William H. Newell

Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development, 69-86

Beth A. Casey

The Administration of Interdisciplinary Programs: Creating Climates for Change, 87-110

Nelson E. Bingham

Integrating Interdisciplinary Organizations: A Preliminary Directory for Networking, 111-131

Stan Bailis

Readings: An Invitation, 132

Barbara Hursh, Paul Haas, Michael Moore

An Interdisciplinary Model to Implement General Education, 133-150