Table of Contents, No. 9, 1991

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Issues in Integrative Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
An Annual Publication of the Association for Integrative Studies

Stanley Bailis, Editor; Stephen Gottlieb & Julie Thompson Klein, Associate Editors

Charles C. Fischer

On Pushing Back the Boundaries of Economics: The Case of Business Ethics

Philip Lewin

Honoring the World-Soul, 23-33

Donna R. Vocate

Consciousness and Linguistic Competency: Making Interdisciplinary Choices

Linda L. Baer, Leslie C. Duly and Ivan L. Weir

Higher Education Leadership: Where and Who are the Interdisciplinarians? An Introductory Story, 49-66

Keynote addresses:
H. S. Broudy

Integration without Confusion, 67-74 (Delivered at the Annual Conference, Sonoma State University, 1989)

Kenneth E. Boulding

What Do We Know About Knowledge?, 75-89 (Delivered at the Annual Conference, St. Anselm College, 1990)

Stan Bailis

Readings: An Invitation, 90

Ronnie Serr

The End-of-History vs. All- is-History, 91-96

Reprint and Response
Richard Turner

Introduction, 97-98

Stanley Fish

Being Interdisciplinary is So Very Hard to Do, 99-112

Richard C. Turner

Trading Tunes with Stanley Fish: Grand Unification Theories and the Practice of Literature and Science, 113-125