Julie Thompson Klein (2003)

Julie Thompson Klein, Professor of Humanities in the English Department and Faculty Fellow in the Office for Teaching and Learning  at Wayne State University, is an internationally respected authority on interdisciplinary research, education, and problem solving. Her books include  Interdisciplinary: History, Theory, and Practice (1990), Interdisciplinary Studies Today (co-editor, 1994), Crossing Boundaries: Knowledge, Disciplinarities, and Interdisciplinarities (1996), Transdisciplinarity: Joint Problem Solving among Science, Technology, and Society (co-editor, 2001), Interdisciplinary Education in K-12 and College (editor, 2002), the monograph, Mapping Interdisciplinary Studies (1999), Humanities, Culture, andInterdisciplinary: The Changing American Academy (2005), and Creating Interdisciplinary Campus Cultures (2010). She is also Associate Editor of the Oxford Handbook of Interdisciplinary (2010), co-editor of the University of Michigan Press series Digital Humanities@digitalculturebooks, and author of a forthcoming book on Mapping Digital Humanities exploring the interdisciplinary contours of the field. For more information on her books, see the listings in Recent AIS-connected Publications on Interdisciplinary.