Table of Contents, No. 18, 2000

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 Issues in Integrative Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
An Annual Publication of the Association for Integrative Studies

Tribute to Stanley Bailis,
Editor of Issues in Integrative Studies (1988-1999)

Editor’s Comments (page iv)



 Euthanasia Symposium
Leslie E. Gerber, Guest Editor, Euthanasia Symposium

From Mengele to Kervorkian? The Significance of Nazi Euthanasia for the Contemporary Right-to-Die Debate

Scott Denham

Stories of Euthanasia in Germany

Walter Wright

Peter Singer and the Lessons of the German Euthanasia Program

Bryan Hillard

The Moral and Legal Status of Physician-Assisted Death: Quality of Life and the Patient-Physician Relationship

Paul Lewis

The Logic of Christian Theology and the “Right to Die”

Leslie Gerber

After/words: Rhetorics, Narrativity, and Complicit German Christians

Yves Lenoir, François Larose, and Yvon Geoffroy

Interdisciplinary Practices in Primary Education in Quebec: Results from Ten Years of Research

Rick Szostak

Toward a Unified Human Science