Integrative Pathways 42-4 Waldeck Review

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  1. Sven Arvidson says:

    Informative AND clever! Thanks Rick (and sign me up for the Alps “embassy” post-covid). Sven

  2. Pauline Gagnon says:

    Another perceptive and through examination of IDS perspectives from Rick. I have not read the text but this review does tap my curiosity. The best comedy is typically delivering a thoughtful warning or reflection to ponder – in that spirit, perhaps the AIS board might issue a personal invitation to the authors to present at the next conference? It won’t be the alps but surely they would be among friends at AIS. Thanks Rick for a great review and bringing this to our attention.

  3. Angus McMurtry says:

    So erudite and funny! Sadly, true too that others re-invent the wheel of interdisciplinarity so often.

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