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Integrative Pathways 42-04 Annual Board Report

AIS Annual Board of Directors Meeting November 1, 2020 James Welch, reporting Present: Roz Schindler, Conference Liaison Heidi Upton , Sections Coordinator Khadijah O. Miller , Vice President-Relations Allison Upshaw , At-Large Member Evan...


Integrative Pathways 42-04 Conference Report 2020

Virtual Mini Conference 2020 Sonoma University Report by Jennifer Lillig On November 6, 2020 Sonoma State University (SSU) hosted the first Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Virtual Mini-Conference, Interdisciplinary Responses to the Pandemic: An International...


Integrative Pathways 42-04 Election Report 2020

AIS Board of Directors Election Report 2020 Over the summer and early fall, AIS conducted its annual Board of Directors election, according to our constitution. The nominating committee is composed of past presidents, and...


Integrative Pathways 42-4 Waldeck Review

Review: Waldeck, Roger, ed. (2019). Methods and Interdisciplinarity. London: Wiley. Reviewed by Rick Szostak There is a parallel universe in which scholars talk about interdisciplinarity in a way that would resonate at an AIS...


Integrative Pathways 42-3 Midyear Board Meeting Report

Collegiality in the Time of Corona Report: Midyear Board Meeting Present: James Welch, President; Jennifer Dellner, Vice President–Development/President-Elect; Marcus Tanner, Director of Digital Initiatives/Executive Director–Honors Society; Allison Upshaw, at-large member, Kirsi Cheas, at-large member....


Integrative Pathways 42-3 This Critical Moment

This Critical Moment: Interdisciplinarity as Catalyst for Positive Change James Welch IV President, Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Personal Remarks: In this essay, I approached the problem of systemic racism in the way I have...